About us

How We Help Online Business Owners

When you are planning to set up an online store, one thing you will undoubtedly need is an online service to handle your customer’s payments. If you have started looking into online payment service providers, chances are you have found the research process overwhelming thanks to the myriad of options, each of which have their pros and cons when it comes to features, rates, and usability.

Deciding on an online payment service provider can be a huge headache for those starting out in the world of online business as well as those looking for a better solution.

Our mission at Payment.Guru is to help you, the online business owner, decide on the right payment provider for your needs. We’ve done the research for you in terms of collecting information about hundreds of online payment service providers. Our wizard will help match you with the payment providers that are best suited for your business in just minutes!

How the Wizard Works

So how does it work? First, you will click the Start Wizard button as shown below.

Start Wizard. It's free.

Next, you will answer five questions about your business to help us get to know you better including the following.

  • Your business type.
  • The location of your business.
  • What payment service provider you are using now (if any) plus details.
  • Payment methods you would like to accept from customers.
  • Whether you need recurring / rebilling support.

That’s it! Once you’ve answered these simple questions and given us your email address, you will see the online payment service providers we think will best fit your business instantly.

Compare online payment service providers

Here, you will see the rates and fees associated with each payment provider and the payment methods they accept. When you click Show More Details, you will see additional information including setup prices, hold size, and the industries the payment provider works with.

You can use the filters in the right sidebar to filter your results by rates, fees, payouts, holds, fines, features, and partnership program availability. This will help you refine your list to a payment provider that fits your budget and requirements.

For easy comparison, you can add the payment providers you are most interested in to a compare list to see all of the pertinent information about each provider in a side-by-side chart.

Payment.Guru payment providers comparison chart

For your convenience, you will receive an email with a login and password so you can revisit your results at any time. You can also share your login with partners and employees who are involved in the decision making process.

Most business owners like you find themselves spending more time than they would prefer collecting information through search engines, forums, blogs, reviews, and the payment providers’ websites. As you can see, using this wizard will save you a HUGE amount of time when choosing an online payment service provider.

Why We Offer This Information for Free

It sounds too good to be true, right? As online business owners, we know how difficult and time consuming it can be to choose the right online payment service provider. Sometimes, even after diligent research, business owners will choose a payment provider just to find a hidden catch that will put them back at square one in their search. These details include:

  • Payment providers that only work with companies in the US.
  • Payment providers that only work with low-risk businesses.
  • Payment providers that do not support recurring transactions.
  • Payment providers with hidden fees.

This is why we decided to create a fast, simple, and informative tool that will help business owners like you find the right payment provider with as little confusion or misleading information as possible. You’ll find options no matter what you sell or where you are located.

How You Can Help Improve Our Wizard

Our database of online payment service providers is always growing, and we would love your feedback! Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions about additional information you would like to see about payment providers and providers you would like to see added to the database. You can also add your feedback to the comments below so that others can get ideas from your suggestions!

Are You a Payment Service Provider?

If you are an online payment service provider, we would love to work with you to make sure our database is up-to-date with the latest information about your service. We can create an account for you to use to add or update the most current details about your service to our database for business owners to discover. Please contact us to set this up.

Who We Are

We are business owners just like you. As a group of young entrepreneurs, we ran into many issues finding a suitable payment provider for our own business. In our experience, we ran into many that did not work with startups, had too many rules and regulations, and charged exorbitant fees. As a result, we decided to create this wizard to help business owners just like us skip the hassle of trial and error to find the right payment providers as efficiently as possible.